Kasha + Justin

A thick layer of fog hung over the north west coast of  East Sooke as K + J arrived at a little cabin by the sea. Good music, champagne and laughter filled the cabin as they ran from room to room, trying to get ready for their I do's with out catching a glimpse of one another. By the time they were ready to pile into separate cars and head to the bluff I had scouted for their first look, it was pouring rain. When we arrived, I was in awe of how the fog had blanketed this bluff and created the most magical west coast backdrop for such an intimate moment. 

Although we had embraced the west coast weather for their first look, we all hoped the rain and fog would lift a little for the ceremony. As we piled into the cars once more to head to Aylard Farm, K said a little prayer to her Opa and Oma in hopes the weather would listen somehow. Almost the moment the officiant began their ceremony, the rain stopped as we all held our breaths and eyed each other, suspicious of this turn of luck. From then on, the rain held off and we were able to embrace the beauty of East Sooke with out my clear umbrellas in tow.

After the ceremony ( and necessary pizza break ) we began our little hike into the forest and towards the coast. We took our time, stopping along the way to capture their love amongst the many stunning backdrops we stumbled upon. When we finally came to the private and sandy beach East Sooke is known for, K + J decided this would be the perfect place to say the vows they had hand written for one another. I can honestly say these vows were the most sarcastic, funny, personal and love filled vows I've ever had the honor of listening to. 

Now, the only thing left to do was pop the champagne and get the dress a little wet and dirty in the ocean ( for the sake of photos of course!).

I drove home from K + J's elopement feeling in awe of the landscape of the west coast + incredibly thankful to have witnessed and captured such a heart felt and stunning day.